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Some Hard Facts You Must Know in Getting Your Desired Baby Gender

•    Why am I not getting my desired type of gender in my baby conception?

•    Why is God not favouring me with my required gender in baby?

•    Why do I keep giving birth to baby girls/boys?

•    Is there any way of getting my desired baby gender?

•    How can I obtain the reliable information in selecting my desired baby gender? Etc.

These and many more questions are the components of the mind of a parent who desperately need to conceive a baby boy/girl in order to feel fulfilled. Getting the desired baby gender is the dream of any loving couple. It is not that they do not love their existing baby girls/boys with all their hearts but they need to fulfil the burning desire in completing their family: that is, have both baby boy(s) and girl(s).

A couple may not care about the gender of the first and possibly the second baby of the same sex but with the expectation of the third baby, their focus will be on reproduction of opposite baby gender. So as to feel fulfilled in having both genders of babies, that is both baby boys and baby girls. Failure to produce the desired baby gender sometimes makes some parents feel guilty as if it was their fault. Some even launch the blame at the doorstep of their Creator. God had already blessed the mankind in Genesis 1:28 thus:

Gen. 1:28 And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.

God did not specify when, why and how you should have a specific baby gender. That is of your own choice or selection!

In a nutshell, what I am trying to say here is that if a couple had initially given birth to one or two baby boys, they will be anxious for their next baby to be a baby girl (and vice versa).  In most cases, newly married couple will be dreaming of a balanced reproduction of baby genders (that is, a pretty baby girl and a handsome baby boy).

However there are a lot of factors that determine the gender of the baby you conceive. All these factors can easily be controlled by you as a result of your sexual actions and otherwise. By sexual actions, I mean the styles and techniques you adopt during your sexual intercourse with each other as a willing couple, the way your libido push you to enjoy your sexual funfair, your pre-sexual romances etc.

This shows that you must be ready to adopt the right method and apply the method at the right time in order to have your desired baby gender. Some of the factors you need to consider are as follow:

1.    The Chromosomes Factor: There are two X-chromosomes in a woman’s ovum (that is XX-chromosomes) while a man’s sperm contain one X-chromosome and one Y-chromosome (that is XY-chromosomes). The combination of any of a woman’s X-chromosomes and the lone X-chromosome in a man’s sperm will result in fertilization as complete XX-chromosome (that is a beautiful baby girl). However, if the man’s only Y-chromosome is able to unite with any of the female’s X-chromosome, the complete XY-chromosome results (that is a handsome baby boy). So, how do you control the right chromosome in a man’s sperm to unite with any of the female’s X-chromosome?

2.    Fertility Rate: For a woman with low fertility, it will be somehow difficult in achieving the desired baby gender. Hence, the woman’s fertility needs to be boosted for a specific baby gender: baby boy or baby girl.

3.    Timing of Conception: The ovulation cycle calendar of the woman need to be studied in order to know the right time in the fertility cycle when you can have sex and conceive the desired baby gender of your choice. A couple must have the complete knowledge of fertility cycle of the woman in naturally selecting the gender of their baby.

4.    The Best Sexual Position in Conceiving a Specific Gender: There are some sexual styles/techniques that are particularly favoured for conceiving a baby girl or baby boy. For example, the best sexual position if you want to conceive a baby girl is “spoon” sexual position. Also, conceiving a baby boy also has its best sexual position. In much the same way, using deep penetration sexual positions favor the conception of a male baby boy because it gives the Y-sperm a shorter, easier trip, while using shallow penetration favors a girl.

5.    The Foods That Affect Baby Gender Selection: Research had shown that some foods and drinks help in boosting the selection of a specific baby gender. The consumption of these foods and drinks at the right time and quantity naturally changes the woman’s body chemistry and prepares the body for the expected baby gender.

6.    The Vaginal PH: Some vagina tends to be more acidic than normal; that is, a vagina may be acidic or alkaline. For acidic vaginal environment, the result of this is that the male’s Y-chromosomes will be die off as they are deposited in the vagina and are faced with the acidic environment, hence favouring the X-chromosomes thereby resulting in baby girl. However, if the vagina is less acidic than normal (that is alkaline), the result will favour the survival of Y-chromosomes because most of the X-chromosomes in the male’s sperm will naturally die off as they are being deposited at the vaginal entrance. Hence, some woman may need to douche their vagina with some special liquid in order to “normalize the acidity” of the vagina. However, there is a better solution to "douching".

Required Solution to All These Reproductive Abnormally

For all these reproductive abnormally, what is required are just:

•    The acquisition of the right knowledge, and

•    Correct application of the knowledge.

For more knowledge on all these six (6) items listed above, you can explore this blog.


However, for items 2, 5 and 6 specifically, you only need to change your body chemistry through applied intake of the right natural foods and drinks that I will recommend for you in my blog (mentioned above). Correct application will naturally transform your body chemistry and surprisingly prepare your body to receive fertilization of specific gender of your choice. Even there is no need for any form of douching because the intake of the natural foods and drinks will adjust all these abnormalties in your body.


Baby Genders Cannot Be Determined By False Prophets and Witch-doctors

For any woman who earnestly desires a baby girl, who had been a happy mother of three (3) handsome boys, there is no amount of preaching or pleading that you can give to her that she should wait for God’s time. Her belief would be that, despite that Nature had been fair to her in not being barren and in being the ”mother of men”, she was being cheated in reproducing /replicating her type of female gender, that she had not been fulfilled reproductively, that she still owe the world the opposite gender to counterbalance  male-female population ratio etc. etc.
This episode brought me to remember a real-life phenomenon of a woman in my area, who believed that Nature was cheating her. This woman had given birth to three boys at the rate of two (2) years interval within a period of four (4) years. After the birth of the third boy, she just discovered that she did not want to get pregnant again without being sure she will have a baby girl; she felt that her family is incomplete without having a baby girl and that her mission on earth as a mother and wife is incomplete without giving having a baby girl. However, her dream of conceiving a baby girl is like looking at the mirror and wishing for a particular acne spot to disappear without applying the right medication: a situation whereby one is searching for a highly-required object in a non-existent place.
Because she so much desired a baby girl, she started visiting different herbalists and some false prophets who kept promising her what they don’t have and cannot manufacture and donate to her. The woman and her husband were given a lot of concoctions to drink and wasted a lot of their resources in making sacrifices to gods who cannot see, talk or hear their petition talk-less of executing their demand.
In the process of drinking and eating all the strange concoctions being given to her and her husband by those false and dubious prophets and herbalists, they contracted what they did not bargain for. After about four years of searching for what they did not lose but earnestly desired for – i.e. a baby girl, the woman was diagnosed with a fibroid disease and some other internal cancer of the womb while her husband of about thirty seven years of age was discovered to be nursing high blood pressure, diabetics and other cancerous diseases.
It is a common knowledge that in Africa that some educated people, despite their sound academic background still believe in the saying of all these false prophets, soothsayers, herbalists etc. who are always ever-ready to exploit any willing victim. Hence, the couple believed that this kind of multiple tragic ailments must be the work of witchcraft and dark forces without realizing it is due to their negligent indiscriminate drinking of all the unsterilized unorthodox concoctions. Now, the dimension of the visitations to these dubious prophets and diviners had changed from baby-girl-seeking to healing of acquired ailments.
These healing-seeking continued for some time until a friend of theirs managed to convince them that what they are doing would only lead to ruin and utter destruction but instead they should seek medical attention and focus their attention on their Creator and that He is the only one who can do it and will surely do it.
It was during their medical adventure that the couple was introduced to my blog – Baby Gender Determination –and was enlightened on Baby Gender Selection; that all those false prophets and dubious herbalists cannot make babies. God has already created us in His own image (Gen. 1:27) and decreed eternal blessing on us (Gen. 1:28) and gave us all things which we need to use to be in perfect health (Gen. 1:29).
That was how they stumbled on this drink of healthy living which they eventually took and led to the termination of those sicknesses in their life. Fortunately, that very year, the wife got pregnant again and, to the glory of God, gave birth to a bouncing baby girl and hence got her family completed as she earnestly desired.
To learn more about Baby Gender Selection or Baby Gender Determination and this ultimate drink of perfect healthy living that corrects physical defects and ailments, continue exploring this site.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

How to Determine the Sex of Your Baby Before Conception

An average menstrual cycle (of 28 days or more) begins with 3 to 5 days of menstruation (sometimes, up to 7 days). The 3 to 7 days that menstruation lasts is called the menstrual period. In most women the menstrual cycle is about 28 days, but it can vary considerably even from one month to another.

Hence, let us assume we have a 30-days chart,  Day 1 on the Chart will be the 1st day of the woman’s menstruation. PERIOD.

Between 13th and 14th day after the menstruation, the ovary releases the mature egg in a process called ovulation. The egg passes through the fallopian tube to the uterus. If the egg unites with a sperm on its way to the uterus, fertilization occurs and pregnancy ensues. 
The Menstrual Cycle Chart

However, to conclude our research here by driving the point home again with reference to our past study:

If you desire a baby boy: 
A bouncing baby boy
We know that the 'male' sperm cells, which carry a Y-chromosome, swim more quickly than the 'female' sperm cells, which carry an X-chromosome, but will die off faster as well, so the two of you as partners must be sure that you are as close to 100% certain that you are ovulating, then you can have sex closer to that ovulation date.
is to allows the faster swimming 'male' sperm to swim off to the waiting female egg and fertilize it before the slower swimming 'female' sperm reach their destination.

The result will surely be a bouncing baby boy.

On the other hand, if you want a baby girl:

What a pretty baby girl !

then the best bet is to make love at least two days before you ovulate (i.e. day 9, 10 and/or 11), as this will allow the faster swimming 'male' sperm to swim off, burn up their energy and die off, leaving the slower swimming ''female' sperm to arrive to a ripe and ready female egg that is still waiting to be fertilized.

Hence, you are sure of conceiving a baby girl.

However, there are some other factors to be considered such as:

Ø Positioning of the couple during sex

Ø The diet

Ø The vaginal acidity environment etc.

For the best way to correct the above-mentioned abnomalties (i.e. the diet and vaginal acidity), develop the habit of taking Trevo Nutritious Healthy Drink. Click the Trevo-link below to learn more about the Power of Trevo!

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Chromosomes and Gender-Induced Danger and Solution

Chromosomes and Gender-Induced Danger and Solution

Just like the blog’s name, the chromosomes in the man’s sperm cell and woman’s egg cell play an important role in the choice of a baby gender. The same way the gender of a baby can unite a family, it can also play a destabilizing role in a family’s existence.

It is an irony of life that a lot of home had been scattered for one reason only: the wife cannot give birth to the desired gender, either a boy or a girl. For this simple reason, especially over the woman’s inability to give birth to a son, the usual blooming homes have undecidedly turned bloomless and split up, spouses have gone apart, brewing love affairs have become chilled and stone cold, husband and wife who used to be the best of friends have suddenly become antagonists, once blooming romance have gone sour and tasteless, sweethearts and honeys have suddenly become “bitter-hearts”, the once-happy husband and wife have become divorced as a result of the couple’s incapability to produce the right gender by having a male child, a son, an heir or a female child, a daughter, an heiress!!!

When the expected baby gender did not materialize, the couples often feel frustrated, angry, depressed and disappointed. At this point, the level of their understanding for each other and their prevailing problems become so low and what happens next? They started throwing missiles of blames at each other.

Despite all these episodes mentioned above, the couples rarely take time to make a research on what is responsible for their present baby-gender selection predicament, yet it is a problem with a very simple solution which entails natural baby gender selection system i.e. you choose the sex of your baby by naturally studying your body systems and undergoing some natural diet habit and recommended steps which will eventually end up in the desired baby gender.

It should be noted that in this information age, it is practically easy for the couple to make a research on the information hyper-space (i.e. the Internet) and follow the steps in picking the gender of their baby, get pregnant quickly and give birth to bouncing children of their desired gender.

Hence, what the couple should do is to to learn how to select the gender of their baby through natural means:

• without applying some so-called gender-inducing drugs,

• without any form of surgery (risky or non-risky),

• without any type of gender-inducing treatments or otherwise, and

• without any side effects whatsoever,

One thing must be born in the mind of the couple; this is the fact that the father as well as the mother also plays some role in determining the gender of the baby.

The man’s sperm contain XY chromosomes; simply put, one X chromosome and one Y chromosome while the woman’s egg (ovum) contain XX chromosomes; simply put, two X chromosomes.

So if any of woman’s X two chromosomes (from the egg) unite with man’s X chromosome from the sperm cell, a female gender (GIRL) is the result.

Alternatively, if any of woman’s X two chromosomes (from the egg) unite with man’s Y chromosome from the sperm cell, a male gender (BOY) is the outcome.

So, whichever way you put it, the XY chromosomes in the man’s sperm determine the gender of the baby.

Firstly, during the periodic cycle of a woman which often lasts for about 28 days (in some women, it is as far as 31 days), some specific days in woman's fertility cycle are specifically for conceiving a male gender (BOY) only while some days are specifically for conceiving a female gender (GIRL).
Simply put, in some days if the male sperm come in contact with a female egg and fertilize it, a male gender (BOY) results and in some days during the woman’s periodic cycle, the union of the man’s sperm and woman’s egg (ovum) result in a female gender (GIRL).

Secondly, the vaginal environment (tract) of the mother-to-be could be too acidic or too alkaline. This will simply "kill" the Y chromosome [i.e. "Y" sperm (BOY)] or the X chromosome [i.e. "X" sperm (GIRL)]. The Y chromosome in the XY chromosomes of the sperm cell forms the male gender (boy) while the X chromosome in the sperm cell forms the female gender (girl).

During the process of selecting your baby's gender, acidity level of female’s reproductive tract will make a lot of difference. It is possible for a mother-to-be’s tract to be either too acidic or too alkaline and this will definitely result in failure in conceiving the desired gender.

So, how do a father-to-be control the fusion of the man’s sperm chromosomes and the woman’s egg chromosomes to produce the desired baby gender (BOY or GIRL)?
How do you adjust your vaginal environment, if you are naturally acidic or alkaline (i.e. adjust your PH level to create the ideal environment for "Y" sperm or "X" sperm), in order to conceive the desired gender?

However, note that the aberration in a woman's acidic or alkalinity level can be controlled by some healthy guide. One of the best bet is to use Trevo; check the link below:
Two different sizes of Trevo Nutritious Healthy Drinks
Different minerals, vitamins and ingredients contained in Trevo Nutritious Health Drinks

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Secrets in Choosing Gender of a Baby

Secrets in Choosing Gender of a Baby

A gender means a baby is either a male (boy) or female (girl).
Do you know there some secret you have to adapt to if you desire a bouncing baby boy or girl during conception? Very few people know this advanced child selection secrets and moreover, those who knows it are not divulging it for reasons best known to them.

Among these secrets are:
The type of foods to eat based on the gender of the baby you want.
The man decides the gender of the child.
  • Sexual techniques that produce a gender.
  • A gender will be conceived if a female should have an orgasm during sexual intercourse.
  • We'll tell you about certain royal families which have been practicing gender selection for centuries and how they learned about their techniques.
  • Men: If you lack this, you will most likely have a girl
  • The best sex position to have a girl or  a boy.
  •  The ideal depth of penetration during ejaculation determines the gender of the baby.
  • The crucial differences in the X-Sperm (girls) and Y-Sperm (boys) in determining the baby gender.
  • The role of penis size in determining the gender of a baby.
  • The role of woman's cycle in determining the gender of a baby.
  • And a lot of other secrets such as the all-in-one perfect health for all.
a set of handsome twins (non-identical)

 Pix Reference: Cute Baby